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It’s about being seen for your grit, your moves, and the success you’re driving at.

Rich - at approx. 37,000ft

About 25 years ago on a flight to Hong Kong, I found myself chatting with Rich, a guy who’s seen it all in the business world. I had to ask, “Rich, what’s the secret sauce? How does one really make it?”

He leaned in and said, “It’s about Building Your Legend.” I blinked. “Building My Legend?”

“Exactly,” he continued, “creating a story too compelling to ignore. It’s about being seen for your grit, your moves, and the success you’re driving at. Not for show, but for the solid, undeniable achievements.”

I thought about that a lot…that advice was a game-changer.

Building Your Legend became my mantra. It’s more than just getting ahead. It’s a journey of strategic thinking and evolving into who you’re meant to be.

The BYL Mission

"transform ambition into achievement"

Barriers to Success

Ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?
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Unlock your true potential and smash through those barriers.

Gain the strategies, tools, and guidance to identify and overcome the obstacles standing in your way. 

Make real progress towards your biggest goals. 

BYL is

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Success is waiting...begin the adventure of Building Your Legend!

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Be More with LegendCraft and LegendStrategics

...real-world, honest, and direct career advancement and achievement advice enriched with a bit of humor and, sometimes yes, sarcasm.

LegendCraft embodies the art of mastering the subtleties of business politics, while LegendStrategics unravels the science behind the scenes in business.

Together, they form the cornerstone of your legendary journey.

A Blend of Styles

BYL's blogging style is a mix of the informative and the relatable.

Expect to find insights backed by over 30 years of experience, interwoven with real-world stories that resonate with your own business endeavors.

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Building Your Legend...

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